Let Me Cry My Heart Out. Tonight.

Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise. Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God. Kid Rock – Only God Knows Why. Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever. Michael Jackson – Gone Too Soon & Earth Song. Mike & The Mechanics – The Living Years. (This song reminds me of my father). Soul Asylum – Runaway Train….

Something Tasty: Fried Batter

Yes. Because I want to finish all my food stocks in the kitchen, so I fried this batter. It’s so simple. Only based on 4 ingredients and cooking oil, absolutely. Ingredients are: Flour, 10 table spoons. Sugar, 3 table spoons. Salt, 1 tea spoon. Water, you decide, how thick the batter you want. Cooking oil….

Back Into Writing: 2020 Pandemic Free Time

Ok. I should have writing maybe months ago since the pandemic started. But, yes-there is but, I just didn’t have the reason to start. I mean the main reason why I should. With this. I’ll start today. Cheers.

Imagination: Appreciation & Creativity

Does our creativity require appreciation first rather than being creative first, then get appreciation in return? What about imagination? Are appreciation, creativity and imagination important in our life? To me, yes. Believe it or not, deep in our soul, we will feel being appreciated or maybe satisfied, if we get even a little appreciation from…

Kenawa: Lately Famous Tiny Island

    Ps: Enjoy my work. If you have questions about the photos, my gears, the trip, the islands, the costs or anything, please let me know. Maybe I can assist or arrange it for you. Thank you.

Only to Focus on Self

I used to be an early bird for years. Since I was in primary school. But, how come lately become an owl? Looks like I need to be on the beach with turquoise water and just lie there for hours and thinking about my life again. * Fyi, it’s rainy season and many places all…

Try To Write a Little Everyday

Hi, all. How are you? I do hope that we all in good health. Passing the third year after the pandemic. Somehow I feel not in my best performance with this job lately. Already received a reminder to be better and yes, I try so hard to keep up the pace, but working from home…

Best of 2017: Silhouette People

An old friend said, “I like this photo the most, because the people and the colors make the mood even better.” Yes, a bit moody during sunset hours…. She was right.