Imagination: Appreciation & Creativity

Does our creativity require appreciation first rather than being creative first, then get appreciation in return? What about imagination? Are appreciation, creativity and imagination important in our life? To me, yes. Believe it or not, deep in our soul, we will feel being appreciated or maybe satisfied, if we get even a little appreciation from…

Kenawa: Lately Famous Tiny Island

    Ps: Enjoy my work. If you have questions about the photos, my gears, the trip, the islands, the costs or anything, please let me know. Maybe I can assist or arrange it for you. Thank you.

Best of 2017: Silhouette People

An old friend said, “I like this photo the most, because the people and the colors make the mood even better.” Yes, a bit moody during sunset hours…. She was right.

Nunggalan; The Last Hidden Beach in Bali

Bali. This island has no more hidden or pristine beach. At first I thought so, because after living on this island for more than 4 years I didn’t see any pristine beach. I have visited many beaches and were the same. Not the beaches I expected as before coming to this island. But yes, I…